Donald Trump, Jr., a doofus who would be nowhere if his father wasn’t the President of the United States, has given a 35-minute speech where all he did was defend his father’s comments and actions and bash liberals. The younger Trump defended his father’s statement that “both sides” are at fault for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, where a white nationalist murdered a liberal counter-protestor with his car.

Trump, Jr. blames an “atmosphere of hate” for this. Oh, not for the man who killed a woman with his car because he supports slavery.

No, the President’s son thinks that’s fine. That’s not what he blames an “atmosphere of hate” for. No, he blames the “atmosphere of hate” for the criticism that President Trump received after refusing to condemn the white supremacists. So, hatred is fine as long as people don’t criticise it, because that’s where hate comes from. Right, Donald, Jr., you’re a genius.

Trump, Jr. turned against liberal universities

Speaking at an annual fundraising event for Faulkner University, a private Christian college based in Alabama, Trump, Jr. condemned the liberal teachings of the universities in America. He claims that they are teaching young American students to “hate their country” and also “hate their religion” and also quashing conservative voices.

But hey, maybe they’re just opening their student up to new ideas and perspectives to avoid them being brainwashed by the p*ssy-grabbing reality TV President of the United States. People being given the option to choose their own political leaning and religion and form their own opinions isn’t the same as being taught to hate.

Trump, Jr. went on to equate what people call “hate speech” with the idea that “America is a good country,” and “that we need borders” and “anything that comes out of the mouth of the President” and “the moral teaching of the Bible.” Yes, Donald, Jr., that’s right. Now you’re getting it!

Trump, Jr. also condemned Antifa

The one thing that Trump, Jr.

was kind of right about in his Faulkner University keynote address was his condemnation of Antifa. Antifa is a far-left organisation of anti-fascist militants who believe that the only way to respond to the alt-right’s violence is with more violence, but that’s not a good solution, because that makes the left-leaners look just as bad as the white nationalists, and then that makes them hypocrites for being against them in the first place.

One of the members of Antifa was a Bernie Sanders supporter who went out to where a group of Republican Congressmen were getting ready for baseball practice and shot at them. He almost killed Republican Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Trump, Jr. said that this Antifa guy “went out looking for Republicans to kill, and we’re supposed to forget that.”

Trump, Jr.

didn’t mention at all the woman who was killed by the white nationalist in Charlottesville, because the conservatives are hypocrites like the Antifa people. See, Antifa doesn’t represent the entire left side of the fence, whereas the white nationalists do represent Trump and his administration (and his family, too).

Trump, Jr. mocked the diversity of US colleges

Trump, Jr. made sure to mock the focus on diversity by universities across America, because of course he did. He specifically targeted the concept of “safe spaces” for ridicule, the safe spaces being to keep vulnerable women, minorities, and LGBTQ students away from dangerous bigots like Donald Trump, Jr., his intolerant rapist father, and the rest of his family and all of his supporters. Maybe the little Trump that could should take a long, hard look in the mirror every time he wants to open his mouth.