Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has stepped into the crisis between North Korea and the United States. Urging Theresa May to keep the UK out of military adventurism in any attack by the US on North Korea. Echoing Angela Merkel's warning about ending the war of words between Washington and Pyong yang Corbyn said Trump and Kim should "wind down the war of rhetoric".

Trump threatened to pour down "fire and fury" on North Korea should the reclusive regime attack the US or it Allies in the region. North Korea has stated it is "Carefully examining" a plan to attack the American island of Guam with missiles.

The war of words between Trump and Kim has been ramping up like a macho stand-off between two silver back gorillas. Trump's cabinet ministers on the other hand like Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson have been using more usual diplomatic language.

Certainly the language Trump is using has not been heard from an American President for a very long time against an enemy nation.

Guam: Another Pearl Harbour?

The attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941, is what brought the US officially into World War Ii. The US had an idea something was going on as they had broken the Japanese naval codes but the attack came as a surprise - when the Imperial Japanese aircraft were flying in over Hawaii many thought it was just American planes on operations.

The target of the Japanese planes launched from carriers was to hit the US carriers but they were out of port at the time. Nonetheless, what followed was the utter devastation of the American Pacific Fleet with hundreds of men being killed and injured.

Pearl Harbour is still visited today by survivors of World War II paying their respects to their fallen comrades.

Even now oil from the sunken ships still seeps to the surface and many of the ships have become war graves.

With Guam now being in the firing line of North Korea could this be a modern day Pearl Harbour which if the missiles did any damage would bring the US for certain into conflict with the North Koreans. Guam like Pearl Harbour back then was a military base for the American armed forces so let us hope history does not repeat itself.

Any war that would follow such a North Korean attack would be devastating and might drag others in thus widening the conflict.

Corbyn Naive?

It has been the stated the aim of Jeremy Corbyn if he becomes Prime Minister is to rid the world of nuclear weapons through diplomacy. A fact he reiterated at Glastonbury this year talking to Michael Eavis veteran organiser of the music event.

Is Corbyn naive or could his dream of ridding the world of these terrible weapons be achievable? Those young people and others who voted for him during the last general election are certainly not naive and indeed are very intelligent people. After all, when we are long gone the world we bequeath to them is the one they will have to deal with.

I don't doubt for a second that Corbyn if he becomes Prime Minister would push for a nuke free world and keep the UK largely out of a foreign conflict. That is not to say Corbyn would never order military action but he would perhaps not be as trigger happy as other Prime Ministers. Being friendly with the likes of Trump, yes, but also making it clear that the UK would not follow the US blindly into some military attack which could lead to wider conflict.

Meanwhile, Trump and Kim continue squaring off against each other and who knows where it will lead.