Raqqa, as predicted, is falling

Islamic State's dream of a pure Islamic Caliphate dating back to the Prophet Mohammed must surely now realise that dream is now in ashes. Their territory which made up the so-called caliphate is shrinking by the day as anti-IS forces drive them out of areas where they were once dominant.

Those ethnic groups who were their victims; Yazidis and Christians, plus Shia Muslims are now part of the forces taking the battle to Islamic State. They must be relishing defeating this group of Jihadis who treated them so badly.

US, UK and even Russian missiles are hitting Islamic State targets in Raqqa supporting an anti-IS fighting group known as the Syrian Democratic Forces made up of Arabs and Kurds.

The group says it has captured the al-Romaniya district of Raqqa driving out all IS fighters after capturing the eastern part of the city a few days ago.

The fact that anti-IS forces have fought the Islamic State all the way to their declared capital Raqqa shows that IS is a spent force, or soon will be, as a conventional military force at least.

The Islamic State defence of Raqqa

IS will have known days in advance as artillery shells, bombs and rockets pounded their positions they were being softened up for an assault on their capital. It is assumed IS would have had time to prepare a defence of the city even before anti-IS forces made it to the outskirts of Raqqa.

Anti-IS forces are encountering defences such as IEDS, suicide bombers, car bombs, as well as conventional defences like machine gun nests and mine fields.

Also, it can be expected IS will be using what armour or military vehicles they have to help in their defence against anti-IS forces.

It is estimated around 4,000 fighters remain in the city to oppose anti-IS forces as they fight their way into Raqqa.

The whereabouts of al-Baghdadi and other IS top brass

For all of al-Baghdadi's brave words of forming the caliphate and driving out the infidel, it goes without saying that he and other IS leaders will not be beside their men as they fight and die for the greater glory of the caliphate.

It is more than likely that al-Baghdadii and other leaders have evacuated Raqqa months ago especially as allied bombs and missiles were getting far too close for comfort for the leadership.

It has been said that Baghdadi is wounded and in hiding and is aware there is a heavy price on his head. He knows he can no longer travel around in convoy for fear of being targeted from the air.

Baghdadi like all dictators and war mongers before him can only blame himself as his empire crumbles around him.