News coming from Pakistan is terrorist organisations have taken deep root. It has been reported by Al Jazeera news channel that two Chinese studying Urdu at Quetta in the Baluchistan Province were abducted and killed. The Chinese government is alarmed and has expressed "grave concern" over this report.

Chinese couple abducted

Chinese media has reported that the two Chinese, a man and a woman, were kidnapped on May 24th. The couple who were teachers were on their way to school when armed men accosted them. They told them they were needed for questioning.

Another Chinese woman who was suspicious of the men escaped and ran away.

The men took the Chinese couple in a vehicle. They were kept hidden in the mountains of Baluchistan and the Pakistan army were unable to locate where they were being held. As the army mounted pressure the terrorists killed the couple. This is reported by Amaq, a news agency affiliated to ISIS. A photo and video were released that showed the couple lying on the ground bleeding to death after they were shot.

Double game of China

China has expressed its displeasure but has said nothing against its ally Pakistan. The fact that terror groups are operating with impunity in Pakistan, some with government patronage to engage India is ignored.

Though the Chinese have said that "China opposes all forms of kidnappings of civilians and opposes all forms of terrorism", yet China has blocked India's effort to declare Azar Masood a terrorist in the UNSC. India has alleged that he is head of the Jaish- e- Mohammed, a terrorist organisation which masterminded the attack on Mumbai in November 2008.

China considers Pakistan its all-weather ally mainly with an idea to contain India. More and more Chinese are settling in Pakistan after China opened the Pak-China economic corridor with a road to the port of Gwadar. The road passes through the troubled province of Baluchistan which wants independence from Pakistan. An insurgency is on and ISIS has now entered the fray.

Pakistan has also abducted an Indian and alleged he is an agent of RAW ( Research and Analysis wing) of the Indian intelligence. He is accused of helping the insurgency.


The killings of the couple will concern the Chinese government. Pakistan is keen for China to invest heavily but it has to change its policy on terrorism. The killings of the Chinese couple show the dangers the Chinese face in Pakistan. The trouble is likely to grow and China will have to be wary for the sake of its citizens.