In a shock move, last night President Trump [VIDEO] sacked his FBI chief, a decision that many will construe as highly suspicious, and one that is only likely to step up growing problems within his own intelligence agency. In a terse letter he 'terminated,' the services of James Comey the long-standing (since 2013) FBI director - who only learned of his dismissal himself after he watched it himself on a news report on TV in Los Angeles.

What happened?

Trouble has been brewing between the Trump camp and the US intelligence services almost from the off.

He has publicly berated the FBI as purveyors of Fake News, continually carping and complaining about them not pushing the investigation of Hillary Clinton's e-mail gaffes. One does not need to have connections in the halls of power to realise that the President is running scared and it all boils down to a simple word...Russia. The business dealings of the ghost of Trump's past, or the political dealings that put him where he is now? Exactly what is Trump hiding that he does not wish the American people to know? He thought of course in the simplistic terms that he obviously does. Get rid of the man, and you have gotten rid of the problem. Probably not!

What now?

As usual, 'The Donald,' has been less than diplomatic in his handling of the FBI stalwart, taking to twitter to not only defend his own actions, saying, 'many will thank him for what he has done, but that in fact, far more Democrats disliked Comey than he did,' and that he will be replaced by someone, 'who will do a far better job'.

It appears even after his 100 days have passed that he is not learning anything that this momentous job should be teaching. This not like sacking an employee from his property empire, nor is it a stunt you can pull while you head a reality TV show. You cannot fire one of the most important people in the satellite of your administration by letter, and then announce it to the media before that person has had Time to receive the facts, or better still, even respond to them.

It seems that after all these months he is still justifying his actions by 'tweet,' a president unaware, or not caring that what he does and how he reacts, is seen by all.

As Donald Trump's illustrious predecessor Richard Nixon, from the Oval Office, once said, 'There will be no White Wash at the White House.' It took impeachment and removal of the President who uttered those words to achieve that particular aim. One can only hope that that extreme measure does not happen again, anytime soon?