Donald Trump has fired FBI director James Comey, he states that he found out after it was reported on the news. He stated that he thought it was practical joke but later found out it was true. Fox News had reported it as James Comey was the one who handed in his resignation but this was not the case. Donald Trump has already sacked a significant number of staff but most significantly this follows a similar trend to Richard Nixon’s presidential reign.

Trump has already sacked Sally Yates and Preet Bharara, these two along with Comey all have one thing in common with each other.

They were all heading investigations into Donald Trump’s links to Russia in some form.

Links to Russia

Donald Trump has been constantly linked to Russia and allegations that they had a significant influence over his election win have not gone away. Sally Yates was key to the investigation of Trump’s aides and potential links to Russia. She also ordered the DOJ to not defend Trump’s travel ban and was collecting significant evidence and intelligence on the Russian ambassador to the US and which members of his team had been in contact with him, including Mike Flynn.

Preet Bharara is a former US Attorney who investigating Trump’s HHS secretary over his financial investments. He was also investigating a Russian businessman and officials over corruption.

One of the witnesses ‘fell’ through a window the day before testifying in another case. James Comey said that the DOJ not prosecute Hillary Clinton over her emails and was like Yates and investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

Systemically undermining the US

Donald Trump is systematically undermining the political system in the US and using his power to exert control.

He has no desire to adhere to a democratic society and is steeped in scandals worse than Watergate. But firing James Comey could be the unravelling moment yet because it is looking a lot more Nixonian and desperate to cover something up. Donald Trump’s era as POTUS is incompetent at best.

This comes after the republicans could finally push the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) otherwise known as Obamacare, through congress.

Which will see 28 million Americans lose their healthcare and large corporations gain massive tax breaks. The Republicans celebrated this momentous occasion whilst those ardent Trump supporters who will lose out, have no idea the impact this will have on them yet.