As the USA moves a second aircraft carrier into the Korean Peninsula and North Korea holds a day of celebration for those brave scientists and technicians working on its nuclear aims, China has made amends to the new president of the South, saying that they need to work together for a nuclear-free Korea; but it appears one man is not listening.

Kim Jong

Donald Trump has said that 'a major conflict is possible,' yet he is still willing to engage with Kim Jong in order to diffuse the overheating situation. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the young dictator of North Korea is not going to head any warning put before him, anytime soon.

Unbowed he listens to no-one, neither his Chinese overlords, his own advisors or the threats coming from the world at large. Last week he set off yet another missile, this one veering off into space and landing 60 miles from the Russian mainland, and on Sunday he launched a new threat that could quite easily coast to mainland America. The fearsome Hwasong-12 is currently capable of reaching the US occupied Pacific islands of Guam, and from there, it is only a short hop to the West Coast.

They are also still at war with the South. Although an armistice to cease the Korean War was signed in July 1953, no formal peace treaty was agreed, apart from sporadic outbursts along the heavily fortified De-Militarized-Zone, keeping the warring factions apart.

It has stayed like this for almost 64 years.

The Solution?

This week China stopped all imports of North Korean coal, thereby cutting another financial supply to the regime. The UN have imposed enough sanctions to bleed the country dry, and yet they still seem to be carrying on. There currently appears to be no solution, perhaps because, there is no solution?

With no contact from the outside world, the people of the North are fed non-stop propaganda and are so isolated. However they continue to believe that the USA is a den of evil which should be wiped off the face of the earth as soon as possible!

One can only wonder what is going through this young man's mind. If anything it is revenge, for the slighting - as he sees it - by the West of his father and grandfather.

Or, is it his personal aggrandizement, a road that will lead absolutely nowhere, as there will be very little left, after any nuclear conflagration, to worry about. For an obese man, one who supposedly gorges on food, eating rounds of cheese and washing it down with monumental amounts of foreign booze, whilst his country and its people go silently to hell, one can only hope there is a plan, no matter how warped or ill-informed it may be. If he has one...what is it?