Thae Yong Ho is the North Korean defector with the highest public profile over the past twenty years, and he’s spoken out against his country’s dictator Kim Jong-un (again). According to Thae, Kim is happily ready to launch his nuclear weapons in an attack on the US and its allies (which includes us), and warns the world to prepare for such a launch because we’ll all be propelled into a devastating nuclear War if he does. He advises that the “real solution” to the nuclear threat posed by North Korea is simply “to eliminate Kim.”

Thae says the world should be prepared for nuclear warfare

According to Thae, the North Korean dictator is just about ready to fire on all cylinders with his impressive nuclear arsenal, because he is “desperate in maintaining his rule,” which he says “relies” entirely on fearmongering with a nuclear fist.

Thae also mentioned intercontinental ballistic missiles, the rockets North Korea have been testing that could reach US soil and target major US cities (and President Donald Trump is taking that very lightly).

Thae described the tightrope walk that America doesn’t even realise it’s on by saying that the second Kim catches wind of “any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat” from the US, he’ll launch his inventory of nukes. Uh-oh, right? Although Thae was not involved in the nuclear weapons program within the North Korean government, he believes that their development of nuclear weapons has achieved a “very significant level.”

Defector says Kim ‘can do anything’

Thae says that if Kim has “nuclear weapons and ICBMs” (which it seems very, very likely that he does), then “he can do anything,” which is a terrifying sentiment.

Thae had a position in the North Korean government once, he knows what he’s talking about. He warns that “the world should be ready to deal with this kind of person.”

Also, Thae warns that what dictator Kim is capable of is “beyond the normal imagination.” He can’t stress enough how worried we should be about this guy. He says the only “real solution” he can think of to the Kim Jong-un situation is to assassinate him, plain and simple. There’s no other way around it, apparently.