While Washington was reeling from the news of the firing of FBI Director James Comey, Donald Trump was allegedly telling Russian officials that the pressure was now off since he fired the "crazy" Comey.

A weight off his shoulders

Donald Trump welcomed Russian Officials to the White House and according to a report by the New York Times, the U.S. president told them that a weight was removed from his shoulders by the firing of the FBI Director. He said that he fired the head of the FBI who was "crazy" and a "Nut Job." Trump said that he was under a lot of pressure because of Russia but that the pressure had been lifted.

The White House did not directly dispute the account of what Trump said.

Russians at the White House

Russian ambassador to the US Sergey Kislyak and Russian Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov were visiting the White House a day after the firing of the FBI Director. It was first reported that Trump revealed classified information to the Russians during the meeting. Later it was reported that not only did he reveal classified information but he also told the Russians why he fired James Comey. Trump's declaration to the Russian officials is thought to be more evidence that he terminated Comey because of the investigation into allegations his campaign colluded with Russian officials. He had previously stated that the Russian investigation was in part the reason he fired the FBI chief.

Conflicting reports on Comey firing

Donald Trump had informed Comey about his termination by delivering a letter to his office while he was away. The FBI chief heard he was fired from a news report on TV. The firing was followed by conflicting reports about why he was fired. It was initially reported that he was fired on the recommendation of Rod Rosenstein.

Trump, in an interview on May 11 gave a somewhat different accounting. Calling Comey a "showboat" Trump said he meant to fire Comey with or without Rosenstein's suggestion.

Investigation interfering with diplomacy

When asked for comment on the report that Trump told the Russians that Comey was a "nut Job," the White House did not dispute the account but said instead that the President's ability to conduct diplomacy with Russia was made difficult due to the FBI investigation.

The response also said that James Comey, by politicising and grandstanding the Russian investigation, created unnecessary pressure on the ability to negotiate with Russia. According to Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, the investigation would not have ended with the Comey firing and he pointed out that national security was undermined by private and classified conversations being leaked.