Choe II speaks: North Korean Ambassador speaks plainly about his nation

The north korean Ambassador has spoken at length of his nation's nuclear and missile tests in the face of US sanctions and naval armada. The USS Carl Vinson is currently taking part in operations at sea with the South Korean navy and this behemoth of the American navy has been in Korean waters for some time now.

After some confusion about its whereabouts, Carl Vinson together with other US vessels arrived off the coast of Korea to take part in these war games with the South Korean flotilla.

Obviously, this will be seen in Pyongyang as an act of aggression and the statements coming out of North Korea have confirmed this.

Choe II has said his nation is not afraid of the United States and if it did attack his nation he said the nation and its people would respond.

Choe II uses Armageddon description

Choe II in other statements has said that any attack on his nation would result in US assets in the region being reduced to ashes. The sixth nuclear test will be conducted at a time and place of Kim Jong-un's choosing and no sanctions or threatened military attack from the US will stop this.

Ballistic missiles too will continue to be test fired whatever military action or sanctions the US deploys Choe II has said.

Trump, it seems is either sending mixed signals about sitting down with Kim Jong-un and in the same breath speaking of launching a pre - emptive strike or he is using a carrot and stick diplomacy. It seems Trump is learning fast that being President of the United States is not the job he thought it would be and has admitted it is harder than he thought.

Never the less being President of the most powerful nation on earth unless you have held some kind of political office before is trial and error and perhaps Trump is realising this now.

Choe II has also said North Korea has indeed learned the lessons of what happened to Iraq and Libya; two nations without nukes. This is why North Korea has a nuclear capability to make attacking nations like the US think twice before engaging in military adventurism and the ambassador said the reason North Korea has nukes is because of the US.

New South Korean President could throw spanner in the works

With the election of new South Korean President Moon Jae-in relations between Seoul and Washington could change dramatically as his views on North Korea are more liberal. Moon Jae-in wants closer relations with the North and is not happy that the Americans have installed anti-missile missiles on South Korean ground.

It is possible relations between Washington and Seoul could become divergent over North Korea but whatever happens, North Korea will continue with its nuclear and missile tests.