The UK election has come at a time when Article 50 has been triggered and uncertainty looms over Britain. May’s actions have come as surprise considering she stated multiple times that there wouldn’t be a general election until 2020. This has left many wondering why she has suddenly changed her mind on the issue, several stating that this would allow her more power in parliament and in the Brexit negotiations, but is this true?

Theresa May announced a snap general electionrecently, citing significant opposition within parliament and difficulties to proceed further with Brexit because of it.

May’s motivations

Considering it is other party’s jobs to provide the government with stern opposition and hold the government to account, the U-turn could be a significant victory for Labour. But the reason Theresa May announced a snap general election has nothing to do with Brexit negotiations. It is a power move by her after recent realisations that Brexit could be more damaging than previously thought.

In a recent government report, it stated that the hard-Brexit approach she was heading for would cause significant damage to economic growth. That is why she softened on her stances regarding the single market and immigration policy. If the Conservatives win the general election, then it would provide May with the ammunition to be able to push harsh austerity measures on society and create a tax haven within the UK irrespective of the outcome of Brexit.