Razan al-Najjar was 21-year-old paramedic in Palestine and she was murdered by the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) during the Friday protests as Palestinians continued their Great March of Return demonstrations in Gaza. Furthermore, around 100 other Palestinians have been injured as the IDF continue their purge of the Palestinians in Gaza. The violence escalated when Donald Trump officially moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, officially recognising it as Israel’s capital.

Israel have been slowly annexing land from Palestine since 1967 and even the establishment of the state of Israel was concocted by small group of evangelicals that hardly represented the Jewish community.

But the UK’s media and government’s response has revealing.

Bias Gaza reporting

Continuing on the topic of Islamophobia and inherent biases towards Muslims and Arabs, the governments response to Israel breaking The Geneva Convention by intentionally killing a medic and I say intentionally because this is not the first time because since the protests began the IDF have shot 29 medics and killing two in the process. Furthermore, the medics are clearly marked meaning that they don’t have excuses to claim that they didn’t realise.

The fact that they are continually breaking The Geneva Convention and trying to wipe out the Palestinians illicit very little response from the government and anyone who has been outspoken about anti-Semitism.

But as soon as Bashar al-Assad was falsely deemed to have used chemical weapons on his own people, the UK sent bombs into Syria, again the Muslim on Muslim narrative.

But it went further as many politicians in UK deflected blame from the IDF onto Hamas, ironically stating that the IDF had every right to shoot and kill people who were ‘invading their borders’. The media have hardly spoken about Razan and UK politicians aren’t jumping to step in over the continued genocide of the Palestinians by the Israeli government.