Syria: The war without end

For seven long years now the Syrian civil war because that's how it started has raged. The war has so many factions and so many countries that have been dragged in it has been called a mini world war.

In a nutshell, the war began by protests against the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad for more democracy and freedom. Inspired by the so-called 'Arab Spring' people took to the streets of Damascus but were met with gunfire and brutal security crackdowns.

Syria: Obama's folly

Back in 2013 after a Chemical Attack similar to the one that has happened now Obama promised a military response.

Assad had supposedly crossed Obama's red line but with the British parliament overwhelmingly voting for no military action Obama dropped the idea. It seemed President Obama was relying on David Cameron getting support for military action but it did not transpire. The matter it seems was quietly dropped and the Russians supposedly shipped out all of Assad's chemical weapons.

For the rest of Obama's presidency, the Western Allies and the Russians were hitting Islamic State instead. Obama's relations with Putin remained frosty right up until he left office in January.

Syria: Trump's attack

Many have been poking fun and mocking President Trump ever since he took power this year. He was called all the names under the sun and the opposition to him both politically and on the streets have given him a hard time.

His relationship with the press particularly the BBC and CNN have not been good either

His connections to the Russians before and after his election remain suspect and many have worried about his friendship with Putin.

With all that said it seems Trump was moved by Assad's attack on Khan Sheikun using suspected chemical weapons.

trump condemned the attack on innocent people though the Syrians and Russians contend they were trying to hit a rebel munitions factory.

Trump ordered his warships in the Med to fire Tomahawk Missiles into Syria hitting Shayla air base where the planes who bombed Khan Sheikun came from. 60 missiles it is reckoned were launched in total and personnel have been killed and the base was apparently on fire.

Apparently, Moscow said in the aftermath of the attack it would be strengthening air defences across Syria. A Tomahawk missile flies low so anything the Syrians have at present cannot shoot one down accurately. Two jets yesterday took off in the aftermath of the Tomahawk attack which shows the base was up and running again.