Pakistan considers India its enemy and all its actions are dictated with this aspect in mind. In April 2016 Pakistan claimed they had arrested an Indian agent who was an ex-Navy officer. The Pakis claimed he was an agent of RAW( Research and Analysis wing) of the Indian intelligence and had been sent into Balochistan to destabilise the region and carry out acts of sabotage. The commander was also put on Pak TV and was made to confess. The Indian government had all along claimed that the Indian, who was running a business had been abducted from the Iranian port of Char Bahar which India is constructing.

No evidence

A request by India for consular access was denied and the Yadav was held in solitary confinement. A field court martial was convened and the Indian officer sentenced to death. The army Chief general Bajwa in a post haste and furtive manner confirmed the Death Sentence. Earlier in a statement in the senate, the Pak deputy home minister had said there was not much evidence against Yadav. In the light of this statement, India was confident that Yadav would be released. Unfortunately, the politics of revenge are so strong in Pakistan, that the Navy officer is awarded the death sentence.

Indo-Pak relations

India -Pakistan relations are delicately poised. Pakistan has not reconciled that it is the inferior power and its still harps on the two nation theory that Hindus and Muslims are separate " nations".

On this basis, it claims the Muslim majority state of Kashmir. It is also sending in terror groups to fight the Indian army in Kashmir. This has boomeranged on Pakistan and the very terror groups it has nurtured have turned against the Pak state. Hundreds are killed by Terror attacks all overPaksitan. The state of Balochistan which was forcibly incorporated into Pak by Jinnah in 1947 is also fighting a freedom war against the Pak army.

Revenge politics

The case of the Indian naval commander smacks of revenge politics.

The Pakis don't have anything on him and this was confessed by the Pak government, but now he has been sentenced to death. It is possible that the Pak army will carry out the execution as well. After being defeated by the Indian army in 5 wars and also having the dubious distinction of losing half the country, the Pak army is a humiliated force.

In 1971, 100,000 Pak soldiers were made POW and this has rankled the Pak general staff. They are looking out for revenge. It will be interesting to watch future developments in the case and whether the Pak army really carries's out the execution.