Donald Trump condemned the democrats who rushed to demand the resignation of the Attorney General, for talks with the Russian ambassador in Washington, cataloguing their action as a "witch hunt" against Jeff Sessions. Trump called him an "honest man" and accused the Democrats because they have lost all touch with the reality and launched a "witch hunt".

"Sessions said nothing wrong."

"Sessions said nothing wrong. He could express his answer in a clearer way, but certainly he did it unintentionally”, said Trump.

It is the first consequence of a scandal that overshadows Jeff Sessions` mandate, less than a month since he reached the leadership of the Ministry of Justice.

Sessions is charged that during the campaign, he was met twice with the Russian ambassador in Washington and when he was asked about this topic at the hearings, he fell.

"I decided to self-exclude from any investigation that has to do with Trump's campaign", said Sessions.

The Russian Ambassador to the United States was met with more advisers to the US President Donald Trump during the election campaign last year, apart from Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions, including his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, announced the White House. The contacts of some members of Trump`s campaign with Russia are subject to investigation of both the FBI and the commissions of the Congress.

Kushner met with the Russian Ambassador

Kushner met with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kisliak, in December at Trump Tower in New York, Trump's transition headquarters, the White House affirming that it was a "brief meeting of courtesy", in which took part including Michael Flynn, who was designate National Security Adviser by Trump.

Flynn was fired last month after he misled the vice president Mike Pence about a series of telephony conversations he had with Kisliak.

Also, The Associated Press and USA Today wrote that Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser during Trump`s campaign, spoke with Kisliak at the same event, organized by the Heritage Foundation, in which Sessions talked with the Russian Ambassador, in the summer.