Donald Trump has done in his life a lot of things that can be cataloged as degrading. But each time, he won.

In 1988, Trump`s plan for making the Eastern Air Lines profitable was to make it more expensive, and for that he thundered the planes with hardwood maple and toilets gilded. He has borrowed 380 million dollars from 22 banks that haven`t seen a penny back. To recover the damage, the banks have had to seize things that were impossible to sell or use.

Trump tells people that they are lucky because he hasn't robbed them more. For the Trump Ocean Resort Baja project, Trump gathered 32 million dollars from investors, later telling them that the project was cancelled.

He said that investors were lucky because they didn`t lose more money. Some victims have sued the billionaire and the Irongate company, and as a response he sued the company too. It went bankrupt before the start of the processes.

Trump sues the people who say he's rich

He sued a writer who said that he has "only" 250 million dollars and he objected when Forbes evaluated him at three billion. In 2011, Forbes evaluated him at 200 million dollars, while he claimed to have 15 times more.

Donald Trump sued Deutsche Bank after he deceived it. He has lent 640 million from Deutsche Bank to finance Trump Tower Chicago, guaranteeing 40 million dollars from his personal fortune. When the bank asked for money back, he took the bank to court, claiming that he should repay the loan only if he would make money.

Trump built a fence around a couple`s house and sent them the invoice

The billionaire didn`t like how the house looked around its golf course, so he took action and ordered to build a fence outside, then sent 4000 dollars bill to the couple.

Trump has the courage to claim that he is a good businessman. It is a fantasy that Trump is a shrewd businessman.

In fact, he missed 19 business in 17 years, and his companies get loans only if it is specified that he isn`t their manager.

He has launched a game, The Trump Board Game and his face is everywhere: on the board, on books, on money. The game is a version of Monopoly, only with Trump's properties, most of thme bankrupt by now. The game was relaunched with the words "You're fired!", famous from his show.