Donald Trump starts another war, this time with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Donald Trump has criticized FBI Friiday, saying that the agency couldn`t stop people from disclosing information to the press and demanding that the guilty be found "now," reports Reuters.

'Find now'

"The FBI is completely unable to stop 'the informers' who broke our government for a long time. They can`t even find the leakers within the FBI itself. Classified information is being given to media that could have a devastating effect on U.S. FIND NOW", Trump wrote on Twitter.

His accusations come because the press announced that the FBI refused a request from the White House to publicly censure some press articles exposing controversial discussions between the President Donald Trump`s associates and the representatives of Russia.

FBI hasn`t commented the information

These controversial discussions started just a day after the first information was published in the press, in a meeting between the chief of staff of the White House, Reince Priebus and the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe. The White House initially disputed the veracity of the information published in the press and Priebus said to McCabe that NY Times journalists overestimate the information they hold about these FBI contacts.

Subsequently, Reince Priebus got in touch with Andrew McCabe and James Comey, urging them to speak with the reporters for disputing these materials in the press in the United States. The FBI Director immediately rejected the request because there is an investigation underway about alleged links between Trump`s associations and Russia.

Such a request is unusual because it violates the restrictions on such contacts between the White House and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

New York Times and CNN reported earlier this month that Trump`s staff, including former chief campaign Paul Manafort, had 'repeated contact' 'with senior officials of the Russian services in the year before the surprise election victory of Donald Trump.