Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, announced that the Mexican government could impose their duties on a number of products that come from those US states dependent on exports from Mexico in response to Trump`s promise to impose an unilateral custom duty for all the products exported by Mexicans, just to complete the rise of the anti-immigrant wall, says BBC.

"Mexico believes in a free market exchange, but will have to respond if Americans are trying to finance the wall by enforcing an US imports tax. We can`t stay with folded hands. Mexico must face this reality, which is no longer threatening rhetoric", Videgaray said.

Donald Trump has promised to begin lifting anti-immigrant wall

The Mexican minister also identified several American states that are dependent on exporting goods across the southern border, such as Iowa, Texas and Wisconsin. Previously, Donald Trump has promised to soon begin lifting anti-immigrant wall, so much earlier than it was scheduled.

The US administration said they would begin to accept plans for the construction of the border wall with Mexico next month. Also, the Border Protection agency said that will require to the companies, starting March 6, to submit plans and submit prototypes for the wall structure.

A short list of the best proposals will be made until March 20, and the finalists will present an estimated cost for the raising of the wall on the border between the United States and Mexico.

A company could receive up to mid-April the contract for the raising of the wall, and the construction could begin immediately.

Trump would oblige the Mexicans to pay anti-immigrant wall raising

The President Donald Trump promised that he would oblige the Mexicans to pay anti-immigrant wall raising, which could cost up to 21.5 billion dollars, according to the estimates of the Department of Homeland Security.

Trump said that he will introduce a custom duty of 20% on imports of Mexican products in the United States.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has signaled that he will find some ways to destroy the Islamic State, emphasizing that foreign terrorists won`t strike America if they can`t get in America.