Incidents taking place at work sites have always threatened the lives of Workers, and the regime under the mullahs in iran is the record-holder in this regard. Workers in this country are paying enormous prices in their effort of making a living.

  • tehran: 238 workers died from March to September 2016
  • West Azerbaijan Province: 64 workers died at construction sites in a span of 10 months, in addition to 1,083 others injured
  • Lorestan Province: 59 workers died in six months, signaling a 55% increase
  • 800 workers died across the country in construction sites in the span of 6 months

Unfortunately, this list continues.

Iran is the record-holder in working incidents across the globe, leading to a whopping 15,000 workers killed or injured throughout a 12-month span. This means 41 incidents each day, and 5 or 6 workers losing their lives on a daily basis. Building construction workers have the highest number of deaths amongst workers and each year nearly 1,200 such workers lose their lives in this regard. However, the reason behind these work incidents is that the basis of all the regime’s activities are based on plundering and profiting from ordinary people’s hard work, and what Iranian regime officials could care less about is workers’ lives and safety.

Iran and insurance

Moreover, many workers, and especially building workers that work in workshops with less than 10 employees, are not covered by incident insurance.

Most of these type of workers are forced to give into harsh labor conditions in order to make ends meets, and such ends bring about higher risks of working incidents. And as always, this regime’s Labor Ministry continuously claims to inspect all workshops on a regular basis, and safety incidents have actually decreased!

One only needs to remind these Labor Ministry authorities about the atrocious Plasco building fire incident in Tehran where 600 production units were left completely uninspected and none of the complaints were ever answered to.

Why? Because the entire Plasco building belonged to the regime’s “Mostazafan Foundation”, linked to the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and where regime officials were plundering ordinary people.

And the future holds?

Currently, the truth is that construction workers and those working on seasonal contracts are quite numerous and they are not insured.

Many rallies held by these workers are for the exact reason of protesting these very policies adopted and employed by regime employers. The irony is that insurance money is deducted from workers’ salaries and yet no insurance is provided, making them unable to seek medical care in appropriate hospitals. As a result, it is completely clear that such a high number of working site incidents is another sign of how workers face such harsh conditions in Iran under the mullahs’ regime.

Of course, when regime officials and their inner circle enjoy enormous salaries and embezzle billions what is left for Iran’s deprived workers is nothing but suffering, poverty, and hardship. The constant protest, seen increasing these days by these workers and other walks of life, are against such cruelty imposed by the regime.