She owned a second-hand bookstore and he used to rifle through the scraps in the bin next to the bookstore and they fell in love. Joan Neininger and Ken Selway’s love story can easily be called as the most romantic and crazy love story of recent times. It was long back around 40 years back that Neininger started leaving wrapped sandwiches in the bin specially for Ken, this small act of kindness slowly and gradually developed into an epic love story and the currently 80-year-old love birds are now set to get married in Forest of Dean.

Neininger and Selway's epic love story

Neininger is a mother and a grandmother is reported to have read the book “Down and Out in Britain” by Jeremy Sandford and that’s when she started helping Ken and before they knew they were in love. Neininger was married back then and since Selway never accepted money, she would request him to join her and her husband for meals. Selway was a “Belvin Boy” post being evacuated from Wales and post his father’s death and mother’s subsequent mental health issues, Selway started living on the streets and sleeping on railway station. He tried finding his relatives but he couldn’t. Selway owns very less and his belongings are clean clothes, radio and a fossil. It is quite amazing to see that their love story survived so many years and so many changes since the current generation's relationships are fragile and such romance sagas are rarely seen in real life.

Neininger and Selway finally fulfill their dream to be together

Apparently Selway started living in with Neininger and her husband and they three got along quite well. Post the death of Neininger’s husband Norman, Selway shifted to a home since he developed health problems and Neininger too shifted to the same home after sometime.

Now everything has finally fallen into place and both are ready to take their Relationship to the next level with vows.

While the love story has seen a lot of ups and downs already, we wish the couple a blessed and a happy life ahead.