Ryan Booth and Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) have made the audience think right from the very first episode of “Quantico” and now, they are pushing the envelope further. The recent happenings on the show are creating waves with one of the main protagonists (Ryan, played by Jake McLaughlin, turning out to be a terrorist). Now that season 2 of the show has reached the midway point, the upcoming episodes are expected to create more mystery leading up to the season finale.

Ryan's reveal puts all other characters under the scanner

While the major reveal of Ryan being a deceptive FBI agent and being involved in a terrorist organization (Citizens Liberation) has already shocked the fans, online reports suggest that there’s more to come, and that Ryan might not be the only one deceiving the audience.

Every “Quantico” fan has gone through the moments where edge-of-seat situations make them think that someone at the Quantico Academy is actually a terrorist, but now, post-Ryan’s reveal, it’s becoming more clear that the plot will involve more reveals and Ryan’s is definitely not the last one.

According to online reports Yasmine Al Massri -- who plays the role of twins on the show -- has also said in an interview that the second half of the season will make people question their trust of the characters. While every character on the show has a grey persona, the fact remains that not all of them are terrorists and that is exactly what creates a lot of interest in the plot.

'Quantico' season 2: second half of season underway

The second half of “Quantico” premiered on the 23rd January, and the fans are still searching for answers. Everyone’s trying to guess who else is connected to the masked man, and also the very identity of the masked man is expected to be revealed by the end of season 2. It will also be interesting to see the changes in Alex and Ryan's relationship from now on.

For now, all we can say is that season 2 is looking more exciting than the first season. “Quantico” airs on ABC on Mondays at 10 p.m.