The Orlando "Cop Killer" who took the life of Lt. Debra Clayton outside a Walmart on 9 January has been arrested and was secured in the handcuffs of his victim. Markeith Loyd who has been a fugitive from the police since the incident was found in an abandoned house near his victim's mother's home and now a maniac is off the streets. Following a nine-day manhunt on Tuesday evening, a video was released that showed the alleged multiple killer looking a little bit bloodied after this final confrontation.

Orlando cops went all out to find Markeith - a maniac

Markeith Loyd was wanted for the murder of Sade Dixon, a pregnant 24-year-old mother in December last year. In a confrontation, he then shot and killed officer Clayton outside the Walmart store. Another officer, Deputy Norman Lewis also lost his life during a suspect pursuit when his motorcycle crashed. Three people have allegedly lost their lives to this man who is now behind bars. Orlando Police Chief John Mina had vowed to catch this dangerous criminal and the police did it through good police work. According to NBC News, "Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said: 'Our entire community is going to breathe a sigh of relief.

They will sleep better knowing tonight that this maniac is off the streets of our community.'"

Video shows Markeith was injured during the arrest as he resisted police

The suspect, Markeith was injured during the arrest and this came about after he resisted arrest after surrendering to officers.

He was then secured in Clayton's handcuffs. It all went down at around 7.00pm in Lescot Lane in Orlando. The suspect tried to flee out the back door of an abandoned house but Mina said he ran back into the house after he saw the police were out back. Later he came out through the front door. He was wearing body armour at the time and carrying two guns - one of which held the capacity of 100 rounds of ammunition.

A reward for the fugitive who was on the most wanted list was raised to $125,000 in the last few days. Police said they did not get a tip as to his whereabouts.