The motive of the attack at the airport is under investigation, but there is a possibility that the attacker probably acted alone. Witnesses told the media that it looked like a war zone, the attacker named #Esteban Santiago opened fire in a baggage claim area at Florida's Fort Lauderdale airport after loading his gun in the restroom. The 26-year-old pulled the weapon from his checked bag and started shooting travellers who were waiting at the Carousel, travellers were standing out and waiting for their turn at baggage claim when they heard shots fired.

People ran had to find some cover

Santiago remains silent throughout the shooting and when he ran out of ammunition, he surrendered to the police. Officials said, whoever is responsible will be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Santiago was flying from Alaska, carrying an army ID. Esteban Santiago served in Iraq in 2010 but was discharged from the Alaska army national guard for unsatisfactory performance in August.

Esteban Santiago was a former US veteran

His mental health is now a subject of a police investigation as his family says he received treatment in Alaska. Although #Terrorism has not been ruled out it is thought that the attacker is mentally disturbed and It is not something new for the United States because it has the highest rate of mass shootings in the world.

The worst in its recent history took place last year when Omer Mateen apparently inspired by ISIS killed 49 people in the LGBT nightclub in Orlando Florida. Esteban Santiago had viewed extremists material online, but it is too early to say at this time whether Terrorism was the main motive.

According to Santiago's brother and the FBI, he was seeking psychological help after he had been diagnosed with mental illness

He apparently was taken to a hospital where he voluntarily checked himself into the hospital and had been receiving treatment, so obviously, a picture is being painted of a troubled individual. Esteban Santiago was understood to have been an Iraq war veteran and deployed to Iraq for about a year. It is not clear whether he saw combat in that role, but it is understood that he was a member of the Puerto Rican national guard and then the national guard in Alaska. #Fort Lauderdale