The Election Commission of India, on January 04, 2017, announced the dates of poll schedules in five Indian states, and in the wake of this announcement, India Today has released an exit poll result which clearly predicts the majority of Bharatiya Janata Party in Uttar Pradesh.

The exit poll survey was conducted between October and December 2016, and it gives us an idea that the demonetization move by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created positive impacts among the voters in UP.

It should be noted that the demonetization decision was taken on November 08, 2016.

Before the note ban, the predicted vote share of BJP in the state was 31%, and after this financial decision, the vote share has increased by two percentage, and it has reached 33.

BJP to get majority

When it comes to seats, the exit poll predicts somewhere around 206-2016 seats to the saffron political party. In the 2012 assembly elections, the BJP had managed to procure just 47 seats with 15% vote share.

The exit poll survey has destabilized the camp of ruling Samajwadi Party. The poll predicts 92-97 seats for the governing party, and the vote share will drop down to 26%. Bahujan Samaj Party led by Mayawati is expected to mark their win in 79-85 seats.

As per the polls, the major loser in this upcoming elections will be Indian National Congress.

The poll predicts only 6% vote share for the party, and it is being projected that they will win only 5-9 seats in the state.

Akhilesh Yadav most popular CM of UP

More than 33% of people want Akhilesh as their next Chief Minister, and this is one of the most surprising factors in this poll. Nearly 20% voters want Rajanath Singh as their Chief Minister, while other front-runners in this race are Mayawati with 25% and Yogi Adityanath with 18% support.

In Uttar Pradesh, the election will be conducted in seven phases; phase one will begin on February 11, while the last phase will be conducted on March 08, 2017.

The elections in Punjab and Goa will be conducted in a single phase on February 04, 2017.

Modi speech in Lucknow

Uttarakhand will go to polls on February 15, while in Manipur, elections are on March 04 and 08, 2017.