Don't just watch, do something!

Facing your fear of standing up to a bully is tough. You may see it as hassle and bother which you don't want to get involved in. If you witness BULLYING, achieve something today by putting a stop to it. Whether you're in school or just out in public, go over and warn the bullies off and stand up for the person being bullied. It's easier said than done but imagine how the situation may unfold if you didn't stop it. Don't walk away and let them face bullying alone, make a difference and stop it when you see it. Don't wait.

If you are ever in a position to stand up for someone who is being shoved around, I encourage you to take quick action immediately. In either case, do not stay silent and wait until it becomes worse. When you witness a situation, stand right up, look the tormentor straight in the eye and in a calm but firm voice, say, "hey knock it off or "that's enough".

Bullying videos are now emerging

Another thing is that shocking footage has been on the rise lately of vulnerable young people being physically bullied or tormented. With social media now the norm, recording everything that happens is also the new norm. I'm disgusted to see how many kids are being picked on and violently bullied whilst it's being filmed by others.

The emotional trauma and the intimidation, how does it feel to be that person who's being bullied for it be on film and shared across Social media? This has also become a problem in our modern-aged society. Kids just don't care. They fear nothing, they think it's cool to bully.

More education is needed

While schools and places of education are trying to clamp down on bullying.

There's nothing stopping parents from teaching their Children from an early age that it's not acceptable to be a bully. Everything should be taught early to prevent their children from turning into a bully. Children need to know right from wrong and the only way to do that is introduce it earlier. The world has gone crazy when it comes to what we can say or do with our kids, If my child was rude, they'll get punished.

It's the only way they should learn.

Recently, I ran a poll on my Twitter account and asked my followers what they would do if they witness bullying out in public. I had just one vote within 30 minutes. I usually receive 30 votes in less than 20 minutes. I can't always go by that although I feel people need to be more educated. There can never be enough awareness of anything. The more bullying is brought up, the more people will of heard about it. Anti-bullying week isn't just going to be the only solution to stop bullying and spread awareness. It needs to be highlighted every single day.