So you are probably bored and trying to find something interesting on internet like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, that stuff haha, so im gonna give you 5 new reasons to log into your Social Media every day.

All of these have been picked by me (Duh).

Number 5 - BuzzFeed

Im pretty sure that you already know of this one, it is everywhere, they have so many videos with different Themes so you'll definitely find some that will surely entertain you, They Have Youtube (Like 3 different channels) Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook.

Number 4 - CutiePieMarzia

Yes, im a guy and yes i do see Female Youtubers not much though, but she's got some cool content, even for a guy, she likes horror stuff so expect that, a lot, she is in this list for all the girls that are looking at this, yes, i care about you girls (Call me;) hahaha, im just joking, plus you don't even have my phone number...

oh wait do you?).

Number 3- PewDiePie

This guy is frickin' cool, he makes Gameplay's, Vlogs (Not regularly), almost all of his videos will surely make you laugh, or cringe... either one.

He has a Youtube Red Show (Who doesn't? haha) and he has 2 Videogamesdeveloped by OuterMinds, so if you like him, you should get his Games, they are for phone though.

But try them out, im sure that you will like them.

Number 2- Sara Hopkins

She is just amazing, cool, awesome, and a lot more than that, she is so funny.

Now, if you watch news you'll probably know her and you have more chances to have seen her if you watch WWAY TV3 because she used to be a news reporter, she even won an award for it in North Carolina, but now she is a Social Media Influencer.

She is constant on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, she sometimes uploads Youtube Videos, that you should definitely go and check out, like right now.

Number 1- EminemVevo &YelawolfVevo

You will probably say "Gabriel, they are not Youtubers, they are Music Artists" yeah, i know about that, but while you check your Facebook or Instagram, you probably like to do it with some music and i have some recomendations for you that im gonna leave right here.

Eminem-*Rap God*Cinderella Man

Yelawolf-*Till' its gone*London Bridge (This song feats Ed Sheeran so if you like him, i just gave you a new song to listen to)

And lastly-Best Friend ( Is a song between Eminem and Yelawolf)I hope that you check at least one of them and like their content