The court has finally made the judgement on the oath controversy (Such news was reported on 9 November by SCMP News) The judge stated clearly in the verdict that Yau Wai Ching and Leung Chung Hang were disqualified from legislative council. And they should not be given a second chance for the oath. This is because they were not sincere enough when making the vow and their actions showed that they do not respect the Basic Law which is a breach of the oath.

Separation of Powers no longer existed

This is the first incident for democratically elected candidates were being disqualified due to a breach of oath.

The judicial system is now intervening the legislative system, which has been a concern to Hong Kong people. This incident is obviously a political issue, which should be solved inside the legislative council but not solved by the court. However, CY Leung, the Chef executive, made a judicial review on this issue causing the court has to solve the political problem. The rationale behind may possibly because the two candidates politically support Hong Kong Independence, which is an issue that the Hong Kong and Chinese government do not want to happen. Thus, they made use of this issue to suppress the freedom of speech in Hong Kong, to prevent people talking about Hong Kong Independence.

The White Horror

This incident does not only affect the separation of powers but also the freedom of speech. Everyone in Hong Kong should enjoy the freedom of speech. However, since Yau Wai Ching and Leung Chung Hang have talked about independence and stated that 'Hong Kong is not China' in their vow, they were being disqualified due to their insincerity.

They were actually expressing the dissatisfaction towards the Chinese government, which everyone has the right to express their views and opinions. But now, the government used this excuse to make the judicial system to disqualify them. Is it actually because the government wants to disqualify them due to their political stance? Is it a 'white horror' to the people, asking everyone to shut up but act in favor of the Chinese government when it comes to political issues?