Fidel Castro has died at 90 years old, the leader lived to see Obama lift the embargo on Cuba. His brother has inherited the power, and has been a president since 2008. Castro was in power for 5 decades, and responsible for establishing the first Communist state in the western hemisphere, not too far from the United States.

Castro's desire to establish relations with the US

Although Cuba had strong ties to the Soviet Union, throughout the 80's Castro hinted his desire to restore diplomatic ties with the USA, if the USA was willing to end the trade embargo.

Obama was responsible for ending the embargo, something Fidel lived to see. A great accomplishment for both men, given the fact the US has been a close ally to worse dictators than Castro.

Cuban diaspora

The Florida state is home to more than one million Cubans, followed by New Jersey and New York city. With the rise of Castro to power, a huge exodus took place, with many escaping to Florida, the nearest US soil to Cuba. During operation "Peter Pan" 14.000 children arrived in the United States alone. In 1966 the American government passed the Cuban adjustment act, providing more than U$1,3 billion in assistance to Cubans who escaped to the US.

Political dissent as with all dictatorships is a crime

Human Rights Watch has stated that the government "represses nearly all forms of political dissent", similar to the ones we see in gulf countries. Cuba under Castro has had numerous cases of torture, executions, unfair trials and various forms of abuse. In the one party republic, political protests or dissent are not tolerated.

Cuba had the second-highest number of imprisoned journalists of any nation in 2008 (China had the highest) according to various sources, including the Committee to Protect Journalists, making Cuba one of the most dangerous places for a journalist, among China, Korea, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Part of his family escaped Cuba

Fidel had nine children, including Alina Fernández Revuelta who opposes the Cuban government and escaped to Spain in 1993.The new leader of Cuba, Raul Castro, came into power after his brother Fidel Castro rise, Raúl Castro was one of the most important figures in the party, serving as Minister of the Armed Forces for 49 years, before becoming president in 2008.

On the same year, he told journalists "The American people are among our closest neighbors. We should respect each other. We have never held anything against the American people. Good relations would be mutually advantageous. Perhaps we cannot solve all of our problems, but we can solve a good many of them".