Apparently, trump's team wants Mitt Romney to apologize before he is offered a position at the White House. Romey who was a harsh critic of Trump during the election process, met with the president-elect this past week. Both were seen shaking hands, before rushing inside Trump's New Jersey golf course for a discussion on world affairs. Soon, rumors started spreading that the president-elect was considering him to fulfill the position of secretary of state.

The two options for secretary of state

As you may recall, back on March 3rd of this year, the former Massachusetts Governor and Republican nominee for President gave an anti-Trump speech in Salt Lake City, saying “Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud.

He gets a free trip to the White House and all we get is this lousy hat”. Meanwhile, former New York governor Rudy Giuliani is also been considered for the position. While Romney is a favorite of the Republican party, Giuliani has been very supportive of a Trump presidency.

He is suspicious of former critics, including the press

Trump has been hesitant on working with anyone who was a critic prior to his win, as he told the press, most recently calling off meetings with the press and telling CNN's CEO how "lousy" his news network is, and how the New York Times has been "unfair" to him. An audio was released yesterday by the New York Times, where Trump can be heard explaining this hesitance.

The nominations announced

So far the president-elect has announced his desire to hire Ben Carson to lead the department of housing and urban development, but still waiting on Carson's response. Betsy DeVos has been nominated as secretary of the department of education and Nikki Haley as an ambassador for the UN. More nominations are expected for Monday (11/28).

The former governor of Massachusets, Romney also helped Trump's opponents throughout the elections and was essentially working to get Hillary Clinton elected. And by the sound of things, Trump will not let him hold a position in his team until a formal apology is issued.