Recent polls have turned out to be favourable for Hillary Clinton to be selected in November. Donald Trumpwas hard on the presentation of his economic program. True, the place was well chosen: Detroit, which was formerly an industrial city plagued by unemployment resulting from globalization .

What stigmatises Obama's Policies?

The Republican candidate did, with a tiresome insistence for the rest it was noted that his tax measures mainly favoured the elites and the upper middle class, those in favour of families are vague and timid. Lastly, the press revealed that the fashion house of Irvana Trump was sticking to the bare minimum in terms of parental leave (without wage compensation).

Analysts have mainly pointed that the promised measures are already taken, and the proposed administrative simplification would be disastrous for the society/environment. Worse, the rating agency, Moody's has compared anticipating effects of the program and those of his opponent and he has it all wrong.

According to Hilary Clinton, the GDP will grow

further as employment but with much less debt and the unemployment rate collectively will remain stable as the debt/GDP ratio , while Trump turned red in the index.While the former Republican Club of Harvard (the oldest of all the university clubs) has already disavowed scathingly and has felt that the former President Ronald Reagan would be ashamed of them.For once, little phrases which were causing an uproar was not enough.

An open letter was published by 50 high-ranking officials of the administration of the former President Bush, CIA and various agencies, institutes and departments, while not having the signatures of Henry Kissinger, Collin Powell and Condoleezza Rice who will be added to those of other disappointed.The latest to cut the ground is none other than the Republican senator from Maine, who stands with a portrait in charge of a rare violence.

The American Psychiatric Association has called on its members

not to produce a report on the mental health of Donald Trump, which has called after an online petition to submit and examination swell each day. It aims to bring more Republicans to vote for Clinton.