Usain Bolt remains the fastest

In Rio Olympics 2016 Usain Boltwon another Olympic Gold Medal and added a World record of winning three consecutive Olympic Gold Medals by any individual. With the Jamaican's last win Usain Bolt ended his Olympic career with the total of 9 Gold Medals. At the age of 29, Bolt successfully added all this to his basket, keeping him as the fastest human living on the globe.

Spy caught while New Zealand National Rugby Union Team's pre-match meeting was on the go

Rugby scandal went viral after becoming the Public. All Black (New Zealand's National Rugby Union Team) was staying in a hotel where they held a pre-match meeting.

A listening spy device was found in a chair. It all happened before the match of New Zealand's All Black and Australian Wallabies. Investigation is ongoing after the team manager informed authorities.

Trump's appeal to Black Voters

In his speech in Michigan Trump addressed white voters asking what would Blacks lose if they elect Clinton instead of him?Trump tried to convince black voters with his argument that Clinton would prefer giving a job to a refugee and not to an African-american who have become refugees in their own country. Trump added that blacks are intelligent enough to consider who would be their most likely well-wisher.

Australian PM criticized for giving 5$ to a beggar

On thursday, Mr.Turnbull (29th and current Prime Minister of Australia and leader of Liberal Party) shook hands with and gave 5$ bill to a beggar on streets of Melbourne.

The photo taken at the same time went viral on social media causing a controversy for Mr.Turnbull. Daily Mail Australia tagged him as 'Miserly Mal' as he is a rich manand he only gave a 5$ bill plucked from a cube of cash.

Amber Heard donates $7 M divorce settlement to charity

Amber Heard charged Jhony depp for throwing a cell phone at her during an argument.

While Depp denied allegations, the moneyshe donated to two charities are Working for Woman rights and Ill children. Heard stated that money does not means anything to her and all she wanted to do is to help those who cannot help themselves.