No matter where we live or work in the world, we always want our families to stay safe. In the recent years, the number of Crimes has been tremendously increased. Almost every day, we hear the news of kidnapping, gang rapes, and robberies. As a result of this, people have started moving from dangerous to peaceful places. Europe has many unsafe cities where the people feel fear of mugging on a daily basis. Also, these cities are under continuous threat of property thefts. So, if you are planning to migrate to Europe, we suggest that you don’t make these cities your destination.


Sheffield is famous for its world-class colleges. This small town is situated close to the Yorkshire county of England. In the recent years, Sheffield has been under serious threat of street crimes, domestic violence, and child abuse. The city has an estimated population of 550,000 people. Numerous Asian people come here every year, but this city is not safe when it comes to reside here with your family.


Mirror reports that Leeds has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It is an important city of the UK. Leeds is best known for its football clubs, nightlife, and top-notch tourist attractions. Moreover, it is the home to residents of over 30 countries. Every week, a lot of cases of street crimes and robberies are reported.

It is widely believed that international students who suffer from financial problems get quickly involved in the crimes.


This prominent town of the South Yorkshire has an estimated population of 257,000 people. Rotherham is situated on the bank of a famous river. This beautiful city has the most number of car thefts and gang rapes, Mirror reveals.


Middlesbrough is a big and beautiful city. It is situated on the bank of river Tees, in the southern England. This city came into being in 1830, and has an estimated population of 363,000 people. Middlesbrough is under serious threat of child abuse and muggings. Here the working women are often kidnapped and raped.

Not only this but also this city is the home to many dangerous gangs.


Glasgow is one of the largest, famous, and well-developed cities of Scotland. It is the trade and cultural hub of the UK. Unfortunately, here you can find numerous victims of domestic violence and street crimes. The estimated population of the city is 8,000,000 people. It is one of the most Dangerous Cities in the world, Mirror says.