Last night at 10.45 AM a Tunisian French man killed 84 people and injured 130 more as he drove down a lorry down one of the busiest streets of the southern city of Nice before being shot by the police. 18 people remain critically injured in the Hospital.Although details have not been confirmed yet, we know that the driver of the 19 tonne lorry was carrying multiple guns whilst he speeded through the crowds of the Promenade des Anglais. The driver was already known to the police for his criminal history, yet he had never been linked with Terrorism.

The Prime Minister of France, François Hollande has declared a national state of emergency for the second time this year after the Paris attacks in November. Whilst in tears, the President stated ‘All of France is under the threat of Islamic terrorism’. The 14th of July is the French National holiday, known for attracting millions of tourists each year and that signifies the unity and freedom of the Frenchmen.

This morning, President Fraçois Hollande has flown to Nice. The French police have since confirmed that the lorry was filled with weapons and that a French drivers license belonging to a 31 year old man with dual nationality, both French and Tunisian was found inside the vehicle. It has also been confirmed by the French Media Chanel VFMTV that the driver was also shooting a gun whilst driving.

The regional president of the Côte D’Azur, Christian Estrosi was the first one to identify the attack as a terrorist one. He Tweeted: ‘After #CharlieHebdo, after the #13november, after #Brussels we have forgotten that France and Europe were at war. #Nice06’. A few minutes later he continued to state: ‘ I have always been on the side of those who demanded more means to fight against terrorism as I am convinced that we are at war

The famous Jazz Fesitval and Rhianna’s concert that were set to take place later this week have been cancelled in wake of the horrible attacks.

The notorious Tour De France, which was already on its 13th stage has decided to go head with great security. The cyclists observed a minute of silence for the victims. The world has once more come together to support France under the Hashtag #PrayForNice and #JeSuisNice and thousands of messages of solidarity and support in Social Media.

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