Hello Blasters,

Blasting News UK needs YOU to Break our monthly traffic record!

The challenge: we have only 6 days left to do it!

The Action Plan: From February 24th to February 28th, we will increase our CPM from £9.45 to £11!

- General Categories: Blasters CPM £11 (from 9.45)

- General Categories: Social Blasters CPM £8.80 (from £7.56)

(General Categories = Sport, Entertainment, Showbiz)

Since the launch of Blasting News in 2013, we have been committed to promoting independent journalism, establishing long term relationships with you, offering an efficient and fast platform, a constantly growing user base, and on-time payments.

Today more than ever, we stand behind our commitments and ideals.

Let’s keep breaking records!

Blasting News UK