We all have heard about honor killings and have read horrifying cases of the same, but we rarely hear story of a celebrity honor killing. As shocking as it might sound, Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch was shot dead by her own brother as reports suggest.

Qandeel shot dead by her own brother

The 26 year old model cum actress was shot dead on Friday night at central district of Multan, Pakistan. Initial reports online suggest that her brother Wasim shot her and fled the scene immediately.

Reports claim that she died due to strangulation and she was receiving threats from her family pressurizing her to leave the glamour industry.

Qandeel Baloch’s real name was Fouzia Azeem and she had changed her name while stepping into the movie and modeling industry.

It is also reported online that her brother used to threaten her even on her social media sites like Facebook where Qandeel used to share care free pictures and posts which seem to always anger her family.

Qandeel had filed a complaint recently

Interestingly just three weeks ago she had filed a complaint with the Federal Investigation Authority of Islamabad and had requested them to provide her Security as she felt vulnerable and threatened. She had mentioned in her complaint that she was receiving threatening calls and the fact that she did not have any security at her residence.

Qandeel was famous for her bold posts on Facebook and her unapologetic selfies which her followers loved the most about her. Apparently she was so bold that her pictures even resulted into Ruet-e-Hilal committee member Mufti Qawi’s suspension.

Honor Killings becoming a menace in Pakistan

Honor Killings have been on a rise in Pakistan and Qandeel’s case only goes ahead to prove that a strict punishment for the same has become the need of the hour for the same.

Shockingly a law based on Islamic Shariah allows the victim’s family member to forgive the killer and they always use this way out since forgiveness is easily received as the killer in case of honor killings belongs to the same family as the victim.