Veterans who serve their country “often face insurmountable challenges,” says the founder of Green Soldiers Healers.

Cannabis is said to have medicinal benefits that would otherwise require cocktails of alternative ingredients. It is hoped that the fundraising event scheduled to take place on 8 November 2015, which is sponsored by Kiva Chocolate, Refined Bud and others, will allow the veterans to find out more about the medicinal uses of the drug.

Matthew Kahl, Executive Director of Veterans for Natural Rights is pleased that this will be an opportunity to “dispel myths about cannabis”.

It is thought that the benefits of cannabis would help to prevent the high suicide rate that occurs amongst the veterans.

The event which will be held in Los Angeles is planned to be educational and at the same time will raise funds for veterans in the USA.

Medical marijuana was voted for approval in 1996 by the California residents. It was only in September 2015 that the state approved updated legislation to regulate its use. It is anticipated that there will be a new agency created to oversee the medicinal use of cannabis.

In certain states in the USA, doctors are able to prescribe cannabis to treat pain, multiple sclerosis and the side effects of chemotherapy. Users are given a card that allows them to obtain their cannabis from a registered dispensary.

People who have heart disease, a history of psychosis or who are pregnant are advised not to take the cannabis as a medication.

Cannabis is not a cure for depression and anxiety, but the euphoric effects of the drug may help alleviate the worst of the symptoms. It is known to help reduce the mood swings suffered by those with Bipolar disorder, although bipolar patients should be closely monitored whilst taking the medication as more research should be done in this area.

War veterans often suffer from insomnia and the medicinal marijuana can certainly alleviate the symptoms. Too many of the veterans have suffered stress that makes them depressed, sleepless and anxious. As the medicinal marijuana is not addictive like alternative drugs such as Xanax, many war veterans may try the drug if they are fully informed of its medicinal values.

As cannabis is a natural and affordable tool that can be used in conjunction with therapy, one has to wonder why the war veterans have not had more information sent their way before now. In a 2014 report by the Centre for Military Health Policy Research, released figures showed that over 300,000 soldiers suffered from PTSD after the Gulf and Afganistan wars.

The investigations into whether cannabis can help the PTSD sufferer's needs to be looked at with some urgency. If cannabis can safely assist the PTSD suffers who served their country with pride and honor, it may curtail the tragic suicide deaths that plague American veterans.