Continue the heavy raid Syrian army, coaudivato by aviation specialists and Russian, to oust the militia of the Islamic state from Syrian territory. Since Putin has decided to act vigorously - the terrorists had arrived just a few kilometers from the palaces of Damascus government - the men of the Caliph suffered heavy losses of men and equipment, but most has been strongly undermined morally, while the Instead Syrian troops have regained great confidence.

There is a particular weapon that is playing an important role in the geometry of the war in Syria: the Russian rocket launcher termobarico ,that Putin only recently provided tothe Syrian army.

Weapon mounted on tanks very fast and agile, whose shots, despite the small size, compared to other types of rockets and missiles, are powerful and destructive.

Since the beginning of "Putin'scampaign" , the positions of the terrorists have been affected by a veritable rain of rockets. The sense of helplessness felt by the troops of ISIS is that many men have tried to hidein the desert desert.

Most men of ISIS are people recruited recently, without military training. Young and old who until recently held a very different kind of professions to which it is put a Kalashnikov in hand and entrusted to a "platoon" of men. "Cannon fodder" to be used to extend the controlled territory in Syria and Iraq, soldiers sent to die to conquer oil fields, gas fields, and whatever else can be useful to the self-styled Islamic state.