10 top reasons to Travel to South Africa are presented in this article. You don't need to hunt for reasons to travel to South Africa, as it is visually and culturally beautiful. Even better, South Africa is just a day away from the UK for those who wish to travel there.

10 reasons to travel to South Africa can be illustrated through brilliant photos from across the country. It is not easy to always capture such images yourself, as Gregg DuToit, pro-photographer points out. In his book, 'Photo Tips, Getting it Right in Camera,' he mentions the heat haze can play havoc with blurring and VR complications.

10 beautiful photos from the internet

Hunting down the ten best photos that illustrate the best reasons to visit was not all that easy, as there are thousands of them online.

Travel is greatly aided these days via visuals on the Internet, so that's where these images were sourced from.

1) Travel to Kruger National Park

Most people don't need much introduction to Kruger National Park. As one of Africa's flagship destinations, it is all over the Internet. The vast park covers 19 485 km² (approximately 12,054.60 km² miles). It is a half day's drive from the Oliver Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Watching the red-billed oxpecker groom an Impala of ticks is one of 10 great reasons to travel to the park.

2) The wildflowers of the Western Cape

The Western Cape is a stunning mix of mountains, semi-desert, and sea. One of the top 10 reasons to travel to the West Coast of South Africa is to view the flowers that burst into spring in July and August.

These carpets of flowers are a photo-fanatic's dream come true.

3) iSimangaliso Wetland Park & World Heritage Site

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park is for the eco-friendly visitor. The massive park is closely involved with the local communities, who benefit from sustainable conservation.

From the Big 5 to beautiful beaches, this is a must-do destination next time you travel to South Africa. It is located in Northern Zululand on the east coast of South Africa.

4) The Orange River

The Orange River still whispers the tales of early adventurers in Africa. From hunters to prospectors and remittance men from the UK, this river has seen them all. The Orange River is a destination favoured by people who enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing and walking.

The blue sky, desert browns, and gorgeous miniature succulents all make this a destination for those who love photography and adventure travel.

It is the longest river in South Africa and flows from the Lesotho Mountains in the west to the Atlantic ocean in the east.

5) Hermanus near Cape Town

Hermanus is a popular destination in South Africa for its beaches, food, and fun in the sun. Now you can also enjoy the charming town if you are into golf. Marriott Golf announced that its "first-ever managed golf resort property in South Africa," is in Hermanus.

6) The Cape Minstrels Annual Parade

If you are lucky enough to travel to Cape Town over the New Year, the Cape Minstrels Annual Parade is something to look out for. It takes place in January and is free for everyone to attend.

The history of the parade goes back to the mid-nineteenth century. Slaves in Cape Town got the day off, and to celebrate, they had a street party with music and dance.

Various minstrel groups take to the streets to entertain both locals and visitors. Many of these groups can found performing along the fabulous Cape Town waterfront all year.

7) Art-lovers' paradise

South Africans are into art. Hundreds of thousands of stunning artworks can be seen all over the country. From Sunday markets to art museums and galleries, there is no shortage of the vibrancy of African themed art.

8) The Blue Train

The Blue Train travels nearly 1,600-kilometres in South Africa between Pretoria and Cape Town.

If you are not short of spare change in your budget, it is worth doing the trip. It is rated as one of the most luxurious train journeys in the world.

The journey goes through stunning country, from oceans, through passes and mountains, across the Karoo semi-desert and into the Highveld and the vibrant city of Pretoria.

The food is first-class, as are all the other amenities. Keep your camera handy, especially as sunset approaches.

9) Shop 'til you drop

South Africa has a wide range of top-notch malls and street markets.

Like any country in the world, check with locals before going to street markets, that the location is not dangerous in terms of crime. But there are upmarket street markets in and around Pretoria, where just taking sensible steps to keep your belongs safe is fine.

"Market at the Sheds is all about the rejuvenation of the CBD and local art, design, food and music and bringing people together," writes The Pretoria East Rekord.

Buying a pair of these comfortable and trendy shoes are an excellent reason to travel to South Africa

10) Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City is near Johannesburg and is not far from Pretoria.

The casino, amusement park, and fun destination caters for all ages.

It is located on an old gold mine that closed in the 1970's and the whole theme is all about the gold rush days of the 1880's.

Live dancing, street theatre, and excellent hotels make this a place to stay for than just one day.

So, if you have been looking for reasons to travel to South Africa, these are ten of the best that I could find. Plan that trip to South Africa and get into the beauty and cultural vibrancy of the country.