Aberystwyth is a beautiful town by the seaside. It is only 3 hours from Birmingham when you travel by car or 4 hours when you travel by train. It is a very attractive place for tourists during each of the seasons. I’ve been here for over 4 months. So I would like to recommend you places that you must-visit when you are in the area.

Of course, the sea!

It must be in the first position. The sea is the most important attraction in a seaside town. There is amazing walking along the coast with the company or even alone. In the evenings there is usually calm and quiet.

You can sit on one of the benches and think about everything. If you like the sea so much, you can book a room in one of the seaside hotels and even eat on the beach. But, it may be impossible, especially if it isn’t summer. Then, I recommend the “Pier” restaurant – there is a breath-taking view when you look out the window.

Be aware that spending time near the sea when the weather is bad can be dangerous. Always check the forecast weather when you want to spend time on the beach or when walking along the coast.

When the weather is sunny and you have children with you, it is a good idea to picnic in the ruins of Aberystwyth Castle (from the thirteenth century). There is a lot of space to explore and is a lot of fun for children.

What else?

If the weather is worst than you expected or you want to visit other places, you can get to the top of Constitution Hill and see the whole town and surrounding countryside. Not only Welsh people should visit the National Library of Wales. There, you are able to see permanent and temporary exhibitions about Welsh culture, language and history.

Sometimes at the local university, there are interesting events, so check the local university website. When you visit all these places and you realize it is getting dark outside; now is the time for experiencing Aberystwyth’s nightlife! You can find it without any problem. There are vibrant places, places for singles or places for families.

Discover surrounding!

One day you have to return to your home (unfortunately!). On your last day here you can spend time discover Aberystwyth’s surrounding area. The funniest place for children is Borth ZOO (8 miles from Aberystwyth centre). The most surprising place for everyone is the Magic of Life Butterfly House (7 miles from Aberystwyth centre). How many butterflies do you know?

If you decided to leave Aberystwyth in the evening or at lunchtime then these places may be closed, so I recommend you then check out one of the local pubs. You’d be surprised how many interesting places there are. You can hear a lot of local history, drink good beer and eat delicious meals. What’s more, I found a pub with the Guinness World Records for the world’s smallest commercial brewery! Have you ever visited a place with a Guinness World Records?

I hope everyone will have fun here. And after your visit you say: Aberystwyth is worth-seeing!