Okay, so what type of Traveller do you think you are? Are you the laid back, sun-lounger loving beach bum? Do you prefer the cultural and historical aspect of a #trip? Perhaps you’re more about the adventure you live for, the thrill of water sports and Travel activities? Maybe you are all the different types of traveller.

This list should help you figure out which type of traveller you are.

Traveller type one – The foodie

When you travel there's only one thing on your mind. You're the foodie traveller; you enjoy late evening meals, great wine and endless menu options.

You explore the world to taste new cuisines and experience everything through your taste buds. You're the type of traveller that plans ahead and researches your restaurant's choices before booking. You're always looking for a unique and impressive culinary experience and you’ll travel far and wide to find them.

Traveller type two – The beach bum

You can usually be found at a beach bar, with some form of rum and pineapple based cocktail in your hands and flip-flops on your feet. The simple life of sun, sea, sand and sunsets is where you feel most comfortable. You’re the type of traveller who’s laid back, sun-kissed and freckled and you live for the freedom that life on the coast can offer you. You are the beach bum type of traveller and you don’t really mind at all.

Traveller type three – The city breaker

You don’t always plan your trips because you live a busy life. Your lifestyle allows you to travel but not for long periods at a time. You squeeze in jam-packed city break explorations when you can and you love a bargain flight. You enjoy city life and cosmopolitan living and you’re eager to cram in as much as possible to your itinerary.

You tick a new destination off your European bucket list each time you travel and you'll be found wandering the local markets, enjoying local wines and shopping for an entire day.

Traveller type four – So adventurous

You are the thrill seeker traveller, so adventurous.

Your type of trip is absolutely rammed full of adventure. Diving? Check. Surfing? Check. Skydive? Check. Your attitude to travel is all about ‘What’s next?’ you want to whitewater raft your way through rapids, safari the desert and trek through the jungle in total darkness. Experiencing life at full throttle is who you are and that’s exactly how you choose to travel.

Traveller type five – Seeking culture

You travel for knowledge, your passion for architecture, libraries, museums and art galleries drives your need to see new places and experience more. You’re hungry for the cultural and historical aspects of travel. Your type of traveller gets to know its community and indulges in the individuality of your host destination's heritage.

You are eager to learn and always eager to see and know more. Your type of travel is educational yet exciting.

Traveller type six – The group of guys/gals

You never travel solo; in fact, you know you’d hate it. Travelling with your mates is what you do. All the effort that goes into the endless group chat planning is worth it once you touch down in your favourite destination for a week of quality time with your best pals. There could be an argument, but there will be plenty of laughs. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with your friends having a blast. You are the group traveller, and travelling with your pals is your type of travel.

Traveller type seven - The budget backpacker

You aim to travel for as long as possible, on as little money as possible.

You are the budget backpacker and you embody many styles of travel. Sometimes you like culture, sometimes you're a foodie and more times than not you can be found at the beach with a group of new friends or a good book. Whatever you decide to do during your trip, time is on your side as a long-term traveller.

Go on then, what type of traveller are you? Maybe there's a little piece of each type of traveller in all of us.