How about some top pick Travel Destinations for 2018 to really cure your itchy feet and wanderlust.

2018 is another year and the world is your oyster. With more budget airlines and cheap flights than ever and all the Travel possibilities you can think of, here are some top pick travel destinations for 2018 travel inspiration.

Truly fulfil your wanderlust

With January Holiday sales well underway and discounts by the day, you probably already have your dream holiday and travel destination for 2018 in mind. If not, here's the ideal list of top travel picks for 2018 to get you really in the mood for some serious travel dreaming.


From early 2018 winter sun to late travel deals in summer. Malta is the ultimate city break meets beach holiday destination and features as a number one choice for a 2018 travel pick. Simple forgotten by the masses Malta aims to please all. Fly into Valletta and spend your days wandering the ancient architecture and enjoy the rich culture and history of the main Maltese Isle.

Travel around the archipelago and head over to Gozo or Comino for an open top bus tour or a swim in the famed crystal waters of the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy a traditional Maltese dish of rabbit stew on your way to the impressive and tourist favourite UNESCO city of Mdina. Don't forget your camera for this 2018 travel top pick, the picturesque setting of Malta is one you'll want to remember for years to come.

Ibiza, Spain

No 2018 top travel pick hit list would be complete without a mention of The White Isle.

The ever-popular Balearic Isle has a famous magnetic pull that keeps tourists coming back year upon year upon year. Whether you want to party in 2018, travel and explore the island or simply enjoy the beauty of the Spanish coast Ibiza can truly accommodate all.

The good vibes, sunsets and laid back Spanish summers of Ibiza make this 2018 travel pick the only item you need on your 2018 travel bucket list. Get a little wanderlust in your life and book one of Ibiza's many popular resorts or destinations. Cafe Mambo, Pacha, Bora Bora and more will fill your holiday days with good energy, positive vibes and nothing but a good time.

Take a risk and jump all aboard the Ibiza lifestyle in 2018 and party like its 1998.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is the new kid on the block when it comes to travel picks for top 2018 holiday destinations. The increasing accessibility and popularity of Croatia over the last few years have been phenomenal.

With more and more tourists picking Dubrovnik as their holiday choice Croatia becomes an easy contender for a 2018 top pick travel destination. Oceanside properties with private beaches can become your reality by making Dubrovnik your number one travel destination for this year. You can find sun, style and luxury in this small town and all for an affordable price as Croatia is not in the euro and still uses its own currency the Croatian Kuna.

Enjoy a late night cocktail in Dubrovnik old town and pass through the walled city to enjoy an early evening stroll. The changing of the guard and live music outside the cathedral are all things that should not be missed during a luxurious trip to Dubrovnik in 2018.

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

It's time to get long-haul travelling in 2018. Push your boundaries and head to the Latin world for some colour and some culture. Guatemala is the perfect gateway for a trip to Central America in 2018. Spend some time at the many villages of Lake Atitlan and learn the traditions and histories of the ancient populations of Guatemala. Take some Spanish lessons or learn to weave like the locals, but whatever you do, do not let this little wanderlust gem pass you by in 2018.

The main villages and tourist hot spots around Lake Atitlan include Panajachel, San Pedro and San Marcos. The laid-back hippy feel of San Marcos with live music, coffee shops and all the yoga in the world could make your 2018 travel experience a spiritual journey. Consider spending some time in other areas of Guatemala. Antigua and Semuc Champey which are other tourist faves and travel top picks.

Havana, Cuba

By far the most mysterious destination on this 2018 travel top picks list. Hit up Havana, Cuba the island that most had limited access to for a very long time. Fly into the city of Havana and stay at a local home - also known as a casa particulares for the real Cuban travel experience. Try a traditional mojito and purchase some Cuban cigars and Havana Club Rum to enjoy during your stay.

Why not take a drink and cigar to the lively Malecon and watch the sunset as the waves beat the concrete structure where the locals sit and fish. The Plaza de Armas is always a tourist must see along with the replica El Capitol a tourist favourite and replica of a very famous building from the USA. Sample some of the local and highly debated Cuban cuisines during your Havana holiday, a ham and cheese sandwich is usually always on the menu. Don't let the food put you off a holiday to Havana, explore the island and prepare for sun in the tropics with Caribbean heats of above thirty degrees Celsius. Cuba is a tropical travel destination for 2018 and it's waiting for you.

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