The 3rd version of "Heroes" is a phenomenon. This game was released on the 28th February 1999, so this year it had its 19th birthday and has gained a big community following since that. So this is a good opportunity to say more about it.

It's a turn-based strategy where the player is a hero who struggles with the war. The player has to take care of its kingdom. Gathering armies and natural resources, exploring unexplored places are only a few tasks which have to be done. Usually, the hero who beats everyone else wins, but sometimes it depends on a specific task, for example, finding the Holy Grail.

"Heroes III" is still alive and has active fan organizations that organize events like World Cup, Leagues (of course, on "Heroes") and meetings for their members. On the Internet, you can find the game's encyclopedias, tutorials, many videos with duels (one of them is below) and mods which more or less change "Heroes" rules.

It's a quite long introduction which leads us towards the question. Why is this game so good?

First of all, high playability

The playability has been defined in many different ways but mainly, it means how much fun and the pleasure you have while gaming. It also means how fast the game is getting boring. "Heroes III" is a role model for how to do it well. A variety of maps, items, heroes, an ability to create your own worlds and so on helped to keep players in this game.

These days there is a newish multiplayer mode which is an opportunity to play with a friend next to you or via the Internet.

Second - mods

Because of the huge community and wide ability of modification, many modifications (mods) have been created. Not only new maps but also new creatures, new rules of the game and new options have been added to "Heroes III." It increases already high playability and improves things that in some people's opinion could be done better than in the original version.

Some of them are of course, more popular than others, but the choice is wide. The most popular mods are "In The Wake of Gods" (WoG) and "Horn on the Abyss" (Hota).

Difficult to get better

The next versions of "Heroes" were released (the last version is 7) but none of them equalled the 3rd version and "Heroes III" is thought of as s the best legend game.

I don't believe that you've never heard about it this game before. However, if you would like to try it out you can still buy "Heroes III" legally. It costs between 10 and 15 pounds. Enjoy beating your enemies!