A fantasy home within reach?

Have you ever stopped to think how much an Island costs? If you have, surely you have thought it is something that is only available to billionaires like Cristiano Ronaldo or Richard Branson. You should know that you could buy your own island from just €69,000. It is not something exclusive of a few. For a person with certain resources, this dream can become a reality.

There are companies that make the dream of having an island of their own

Some companies are engaged in buying and selling uninhabited Islands such as the Japanese has Aqua-Styles.

This company is specialised in the Nippon archipelago. Even so, its catalogue includes islands in exotic locations such as Fiji, Bora Bora or Maldives. Other companies like the German Vladi Private Island or the Canadian Private Islands Online apart from selling islands also rent them. Of course, if you want to buy an idyllic island of a postcard in the Fiji, Maldives or Bora Bora you will have to dispose that yes of a good capital. These types of islands do fit the topic and are only within reach of a few. To give you an idea cost of those islands, are around 3 million euros.

The most accessible islands

Here we present a selection of some low-cost islands that will delight those of you who have an acceptable capital:

  • Sweet Island, Canada - €69,000

This island is 66 km long 10 wide.

It is in British Columbia. It is cover with pine and Aspen trees. It has an old house to renovate and space for a garden.

  • Cornelia Island, Nicaragua - €85,000

It has an extension of approximately 2 and a half hectares. The island has access to electricity. Although the island has no constructions, the owner can build if he wishes.

  • Inishbigger Island, Ireland - €75,000

The island is in the Galway area. It is about five hectares long. At present, there is no construction. It is only 200 meters from the mainland.

  • Deer Bay French River Island, Canada - €143,000

Deer Bay Island is located on a bay in the Ontario area. It is cover with red pines and cedars.

There is nothing built. It is only 10 minutes by boat from a golf course and a catering area.

  • Tahifehifa Island, Tonga in the South Pacific €299,000

Tahifehifa is 15 km south of the Villa of Neiafu, which has a harbour protected by a natural bay that receives yachts that are crossing the world. The island is observed from Google Earth.