A few days ago, the news was that the famous and heavily used messaging application called "WhatsApp" has as a short-term project to introduce the delivery of Advertising to its portfolio of customers, in order to monetize the community of Users who Use this social network.

This project is a result of the union of two Social Networks, such as "Facebook" and "WhatsApp", and is intend to cede the telephone numbers of users of "WhatsApp" to private companies, so that they send Advertisements to these.

The ads sent by WhatsApp to their customers will be characterised by the tastes of the users, always based on the publications that the users upload or share on Facebook, which is why each user will have certain content in the advertising messages that will be issued to them, According to their interests.

According to the application of WhatsApp to issue a specific, fragmented and non-massive advertising will not leave customers very easily from this, as they are presented with information on topics of interest and in turn will not invade your privacy too much this certain continuity of sending in time between message and message.

This application plan will be implemented in the near future; it is expected to be in the next update of "WhatsApp" when we already have it in each of our smartphones. Its installation has been a delay, due to the complaint of some of the users of this application. WhatsApp technicians have preferred to wait in its implementation, waiting to see how the whole community upon hearing the news react, Since as it has happened in other updates that have been wanted to carry out, due to the massive complaint of the users, the technicians of this, have preferred not to carry out certain plans that they had foreseen.

We will have to be attentive to the new update; there we will see the fruit of the plans of WhatsApp. Will the update take place? Will we have advertising messages on our mobiles? What will be next? This will have to wait!

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