Italy is a country that has a special charm and a dazzling beauty, starting with the form of boot that has its territory in the globe. It is a country where we can enjoy exquisite gastronomy unique landscapes, wonderful architecture and hidden villages, which make it the favourite destination for many travellers.

The beauty of Italy is not only present in the best-known cities like Rome, Florence or Venice also found in the small towns hidden in the heart of that country. These places show us the most Beautiful natural landscapes and the beauty of the classical architecture of Europe.


An Island is in the Lagoon of Venice. The buildings painted in very striking colours, giving the place an incredible appearance full of colours. If you like to take photos, this place is ideal for storing unforgettable memories. One of the most famous places of Burano is the Church of San Martino, which has an impressive belfry.


A small town in the province of La Spezia (Liguria, northern Italy); is part of a group of coastal towns very frequented by tourists that receive the name Cinque Terre named Patrimony of the Humanity. The local wine, called Sciacchetrà, is especially renowned; there are references in Roman sources to the great quality of the wine produced in the region. In recent years, Manarola and its neighbouring cities have become very popular tourist destinations, especially in the summer months. Some tourist attractions in the region are a famous path that connects, along with the coast, Manarola and Riomaggiore (called via dell'Amore, "Road of love") and routes through the hills and vineyards that surround the village.

Lake Misurina

It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in Italy and although not so large, it is large enough to be the epicentre of a mountain tourist paradise. The curiosity is that the lake enjoys a calm microclimate that makes it famous for its ideal properties for health, especially for respiratory difficulties. If the air of the place serves to purify our interior, the collection of images that can obtain from the place, will not be less for the view. The walks can vary, through trails around the lake, some of them able to enter in High Mountain.

Saint Pierre

This place conquers for its fantastic medieval atmosphere. Many know it as "the kingdom of the fairies", for its striking castles, such as Saint Pierre or Sarriod of the Tour. The first, from the 12th century, houses the Museum of Natural Sciences; the second, from the 13th century, is the most important from the artistic point of view: it has a hall of honour, with decorative figures on the ceiling beams.