At the end of the 80s, a 60-m² igloo went constructed in the northernmost city of Sweden, Jukkasjärvi (Kiruna), and it was from then on that the abundance of tourists who visited this place exploded for its snowy landscape and the unforgettable Experience being able to sleep at minus 15 degrees on an ice hotel. Icehotel is now an 'exotically white' place, where more than 100 couples are married a year. Would you dare to be one of them?

Despite the existence of other ice hotels around the world, the Ice Hotel that be built every year in the village of Jukkasjärvi, boasts a hallmark of difference, based on passion and creativity.

The largest ice hotel on the planet features 65 rooms decorated by artists. Its total area is 5,500 square meters and consists of 1,500 tons of ice!

It is therefore more than just a hotel, and we could be talking about an art project made of unique snow and ice. Every year, from October to December, about 30,000 cubic meters of 'snice' (snow and ice structurally strong) are required for each artist to work freely. During the year, the design proposals for each room are receive, and a jury selects the winners.

It is known that a total of 50,000 people visit each winter this perfect place to experience a wonderful tranquility, to see the aurora borealis and to practice snow activities 200km from the Arctic Circle.

You ask, and how much does the night cost? So let me tell you that the cheapest of the suites starts from 200 € per night, and could reach up to 1000 € for the deluxe suite (it is only one and has a private toilet, bathroom and sauna, next to the main room).

How do you survive sleeping at about 15 degrees below zero?

The accommodation has its own instructions on survival, where it is recommends not leaving your sleeping bag at night, not to go to the toilet.

Anyway, the noises are almost nonexistent, thanks to the thick walls of snow. There are oil lamps and arctic sunbeams, and what we will surely love will be the beds, covered in skins and sleeping polar sacks.

What else is there, apart from the accommodation? Next to the main entrance, there is an ice bar (Absolut ICEBAR), where the glasses, tables and chairs are all made of ice.

In addition, frozen columns since 1994! Try to drink the cup fast; otherwise, it freezes! In addition, visitors can always book excursions with their own guide. You can choose to hunt for the aurora borealis (not easy), courses to make ice sculptures, snowmobile safaris, ice fishing or take a sled ride pulled by several husky dogs.

The places they sell quickly and must be booked well in advance. To reach this 'fairy tale' in the middle of Swedish Lapland, there are only three air routes: flights from Lulea, Stockholm and Ornskoldsvik. Here we come to be in touch with nature, and live the 'bucolic Christmas postcard' that we must all feel at least once in life.