US President Donald Trump's eldest daughter, Ivanka, has seen how, in February, despite her boycott campaign on social networks, her brand has boosted sales. However, not 10% or 20% ... it has tripled! A fact that had not seen in the country, for a long time.

Abigail Klein, director of the aforementioned brand, has pointed out that the clothing line has lived one of its best weeks, of all its history. The UK e-commerce portal Lyst reported an increase in sales of 346% in January and February and 557% in comparison with last February 2016. In addition, these data appear in the middle of the smear campaign against the aforementioned brand.

It should not be forgotten that the chain of stores, Nordstrom, among others, decided to withdraw its articles, under the excuse of a drop in sales. Something that provoked much controversy, since, until that moment, the mark was one of the most promoted by the same chain of stores.

The opinion of the President of the United States

Trump, the current president of the United States, criticised this decision through his Twitter account (which seems to be his means of expression): "My daughter Ivanka has received such an unfair treatment from Norstrom. She, always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” Even Kellyanne Conway, a presidential advisor, went on television advertising the brand, which made her risk sanctions.

Undoubtedly, great news for Ivanka who, by supporting his father, has seen how many people have attacked him for what hurts him most: his work. On the other hand, thanks to the criticisms, many citizens have discovered the signature of Ivanka and have decided to acquire some garment: for its quality, its price or for a clear support to the president's daughter, who has become a key piece in of its executive.

What will be the next, in this war of social networks, comments and rumours?

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