The world is becoming more globalised, social networks make people from all countries can be connected to a single 'click' away, time to write any witty phrase searched on Google or threaten, whether in jest or not, To certain people. The latter has featured as one of the most beloved actors in the "world" of Hollywood: Michael Keaton.

The actor has gained a certain reputation in recent years thanks to films like 'Birdman (or the unexpected virtue of ignorance)' or 'Spotlight', well, now taking advantage of it is becoming fashionable to go swimming against the current systems Politicians, Michael wanted to contribute his grain of sand.

The dark knight is back

Whoever wore the Batman costume for the first time in 1989 has launched a "threat" to Russian President vladimir putin, implying that he would wear the "Dark Knight" costume if the occasion were desperate. The message sent through the actor's Instagram account, accompanied by a photo of the Russian leader carefully observing a Batman symbol on the floor:

"Do not make me put on my suit again." You can see the photo of the text in the actor's account.

What is the cause of all this? For all this is due to the fact that the Russian president has threatened (this time without quotes) to establish certain laws against homosexual propaganda in his country, a fact that has awakened certain events of a homophobic nature in Russia and the rejection of social sectors.

A fast virtualization in social networks

Michael Keaton has been the last to join against this measure. With his publication, the Oscar-nominated actor has already surpassed 5000 likes, and continues to rise, as the measures that Vladimir Putin attempts to implement in the Russian organisational chart are not being well received.

Let us hope that the crusader does not have to act again and we have to add Vladimir Putin as a villain next to Joker or Two Faces.

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