Dubai is one of the richest and most glamorous cities in the World and in the Gulf, attracting millions of tourists and a top location for expats due to its tax laws and beauty. And although situated in a very complex region, with two ongoing wars in it's neighbouring nations Iraq and Syria, residents and visitors enjoy much safety and peace in Dubai, largely due to its strong counterterrorism forces and highly skilled professionals, such as Tito Abassi.

The professionals behind it

Tito, a multilingual Italian-Arab, is the head of an MEA security organization, catering specifically to heads of state, regional sheikhs and international personalities visiting the gulf.

The company has contracts with embassies and the Emirati government. His investigative nature, combined with a military and counter-Terrorism background makes him one of the best personal security experts in the region. Much of his work is coordinated with the government. The Emirates is a politically stable nation and an ally of the U.S and UK, also known as a leader in counter-terrorism operations tackling extremism in the region and abroad. UAE fought alongside U.S marines in Afghanistan and often joins American forces in other operations.

Pledge to fight terrorism

In 2010 UAE signed a pledge to fight terrorism at the global counter-terrorism forum (GCTF) held in New York, and in 2013 launched a plan to set up an "international centre of excellence for countering violent extremism", in Hedayah.

During a meeting with UN representatives, UAE's ambassador to the united nations, Obaid Salem Al Zaabi, said "Since its establishment, the UAE has been in the forefront of states that adopted a comprehensive strategy to combat terrorism and extremism through three main dimensions: legislative, religiously and culturally, and via media and social work".

Females role in society and security

The country is also keen on equality, encouraging females to take a role in society, as we witnessed recently when images of Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, emerged strolling alongside her all female protection squad, made of Muslim females security professionals while visiting the UAE.

The females were handpicked from the UAE’s presidential guard. A recent report carried out by the World Economic Forum (WEF) has revealed that the UAE is the third safest place in the world, with Qatar and Finland, ranked second and first respectively.