I recently came back from a month long trip around Europe. I saw a lot of places, met some really interesting people and learned a whole lot about history, culture and communism along the way but one destination really stood out. Budapest is a fantastic city and it's one of the most affordable places I've ever been to and yet it doesn't tend to be featured on major destination guides or appear on many Travel blogs. Because of this a lot of you might not know a lot about Hungary's capital so let me fill you in and tell you why you need to drop everything and plan a trip to Budapest right now.

It's beautiful

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen. Despite it's long history of conflict and the years of brutal dictatorships in the later half of the 20th century this city is still up there with Prague and Paris as one of the most beautiful destinations you could visit. As you walk along the bridges you'll be struck by the timeless architecture on both sides of the water and if you go up to Buda castle and walk along the Fishermans Bastion you'll feel like you've been transported into medieval times.

It's Cheap

Budapest is a really affordable city and as they don't use the Euro you don't have to worry about Brexit screwing over your budget so much. You can eat in nice restaurants for under £10, you can buy delicious hot wine for about £2 at the many winter markets and if you're careful you can make your money last twice as long as it would back home.

It's Vegetarian Friendly

When you travel as a vegetarian or vegan you set out knowing that there might not be many options for you and you resign yourself to pastries, home made sandwiches and salads for the forseeable future. I wasn't expecting Budapest to be as vegetarian/vegan friendly as it is but it is filled with vegan burger bars, healthy cafes and vegetarian inclusive restaurants.

It's Rich in History

When you come from somewhere like England or America you often assume the world revolves around your country and it's hard to fathom other people's history and experiences. Travelling to Europe has really openned my eyes to how different countries which are so close to each other can still have such a different past and no country left as big an impression on me as Budapest.

It has such a conflicted history full of wars, invasions and dictatorial regimes and going to places like the House of Terror or taking part on one of the free tours of the city will open your eyes to how brutal parts of the 20th century really were and especially how communism really worked. Travelling to Budapest will teach you so much not just about Hungary but also about Europe as a whole and you will leave with a much more well rounded view of the world.

Spas, Ruins and More Spas

Of course no trip to Budapest is complete without checking out at least one ruin bar and one of the thermal baths. The ruin bars are crazy, creative and colourful venues which are full of cheap beer, interesting people and bizarre interior design.

The spas are another must because not only will you get the uniquely bizarre experience of going swimming outside in November but you'll also benefit from the healing water, relaxing sauna's and fabulous steam rooms.